‘The Shore’ Pale Ale 3.9%

Our Pale Ale is a crisp and refreshing thirst-quencher purposely crafted with local hops making it a perfect brew for a sessionable escape.

The Fort Lager can image
‘The Fort’ Australian Lager 5.1%

Our Australian Lager is made in a traditional Australian style mildly bittered with local hops, making it an ideal brew for a distinct, dependable Aussie escape.

Bavarian can image
‘The Bavarian’ Munich Style Lager 6.1%

Our Munich Style Lager is a crisp offering with balanced malty flavours deriving from Pilsner and Munich malts, and low hoppy aromas arising from German hops, making it a great brew for a festive escape.

The Surf Tropical Pale Ale can image
‘The Surf’ Tropical Pale Ale 5.1%

Our Tropical Pale Ale pays homage to heartlands of surfing. What starts as a citrus aroma, swells into a tropical ride for your palate, perfect for an uplifting and easy-drinking escape.

Belgian Can with Bronze AIBA medal
‘The Belgian’ Golden Strong Ale 7.0%

Our Belgian style Golden Strong Ale is crafted from German malt, Czech and UK hops. A traditional abbey yeast enables fruity esters to shine through in this beautiful golden brew remininscent of grand European escapes.

The Seat XPA can image
‘The Seat’ XPA 4.3%

Our Extra Pale Ale (XPA), a brew bursting with hops, delivers floral & citrus aromas deriving from the generous addition of American hops to a light malt base, resulting in an extraordinary escape.

Red IPA with Bronze medal
‘The Sound’ Red IPA 6.0%

Our Red Indian Pale Ale (IPA) is a full bodied caramel coloured brew offering hoppy, spicy and intensely fruity flavours, and named to represent our Escape Brewing home.

The Schanck Chocolate Porter can image
‘The Schanck’ Chocolate Porter 4.4%

Our Chocolate Porter, similarly, is a meeting of wild and calm with its malty flavours and moderate hoppy bitterness offset against gentle hints of chocolate for a decadent escape.