Want to enjoy brewery fresh beer from a keg?

Hire a keg from us - it's simple and easy to setup

Need a keg of FRESH brewery beer for your next party or get together. Setup is quick and very easy.

Pick up from our taproom in Rosebud – generally 48hr availability from time of order. If you require a keg sooner, please send us a message and we will advise what stock we have available on hand.

We provide:

  • the keg (either 20L or 50L) – 20L will provide about 45 schooners (425mL) of beer. A 50L keg will provide about 115 schooners (425mL) of beer
  • a bucket/bin for the keg to sit in
  • A-type keg coupler to connect the keg
  • optional party pump so that you can easily pour your beer (if you don’t have your own keg setup/kegerator)

All you’ll need is a few bags of ice and some glasses/cups to pour into (we have plastic glasses as well to purchase here!)


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the keg last?

If you are using the ‘party pump’ your beer should be consumed within 24 hours. If you are using a kegerator or other chilled setup with CO2 gas your keg should stay fresh for weeks/months.

Do I need a carbon dioxide (CO2) tank?

No – we can provide a ‘party pump’ system so that all you need is the keg, keg coupler, bucket (all provided) and some ice. You can use the keg with your own system (like a kegerator) as well (including CO2).

Do I need to keep the keg cold?

Yes – best to keep the keg cold for the freshest flavour. Kegs should be sitting in ice for at least 4 hours prior to serving. Definitely need to keep cold when serving (otherwise you’ll end up with a lot of froth!)

When do I need to return the keg and equipment?

Please return the empty keg and equipment within 7 days or otherwise a fee will apply.

Can you fill my keg instead?

Yes definitely – just need to give us a few days to clean and fill your keg.

What type of kegs do you use?

All the kegs are A-type kegs.

I have a ball lock system, how do I connect your kegs to this?

Either connect your tubing to our keg coupler, or otherwise we can supply a ball lock connector. Please let us know when ordering that you require this.

Do I need to clean the keg before returning?

No, we will clean the keg once you return it.

How big are the kegs?

The 50L kegs are 600mm high, 360mm wide (diameter) and weigh 62kg. The 20L kegs are 570mm high, 270mm wide (diameter) and weigh 26kg.